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    The GPS LifePlan helps students set goals and design plans that will lead them to the success they desire.

    Created by Century College in 2006, the GPS LifePlan is a holistic program designed to help students successfully plan their futures. The program focuses on five areas of development: Career, Education, Finance, Leadership and Personal. GPS LifePlan is an integral part of the culture at Century College, and students are encouraged to participate in creating their plans.

Inspired by Valencia Community College (FL) College Life Map, students are encouraged to assess their needs in each area, set goals, and create plans to help achieve them. The GPS LIfePlan contains three components: the GPS website, eFolio (a student-owned virtual portfolio) and campus workshops/events, such as Student Success Day.

Following the success of the GPS LifePlan at Century, partners from across the Minnesota State system came together to review and revise the plan. Beginning in 2008, other Minnesota State schools began using GPS LifePlan on their campuses.