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Who We Are

Century College counselors are faculty who are professionally trained to identify, support, and problem solve the difficulties students face in pursuing and achieving their educational goals. We have developed an expertise within the context of community college student development and the inevitable changes that occur as students progress through a college education.

What We Do

Personal counseling includes helping students with personal life issues that interfere with their academic success. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Holistic support for student’s mental and emotional needs
  • Group sessions and workshops focused on various wellness topics
  • Educating students about topics related to their well-being
  • Teaching students how to navigate the college experience and how to advocate for themselves
  • Outreach programming, including both preventative and developmental interventions
  • Supporting the overall well-being of students working towards completion of their program

Personal counseling services do not include any medical treatment, diagnosis, or long-term therapy for chronic issues. Counselors refer out for long-term therapy for mental health services, medication, county case management, social service resources, medical diagnosis, addiction counseling, and eating disorders

Advising, Counseling, and Career Center front desk:
Phone: 651-779-3285
Location: West Campus, W2410 (we are offering appointments online through Zoom, over the phone, and in-person)

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