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Presidents’ Day Holiday – College Closed February 18—20

Computer Centers

Century College IT Solutions maintains two computer centers, located at the East Campus Library (E1800) and on West Campus (W3165). In addition to using the computers, scanners, and printers available, you can also get help from our exceptional staff of Student Help Technicians.

The East Campus location is stocked with 34 Windows computers and 4 iMacs, and the West Campus location has 49 Windows computers and 5 iMacs. 

Available Software

The software listed below is a sample of the over 200 software applications available on all student computers located in both Computer Centers.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2021
  • AutoCAD 2022
  • Maple 2021
  • Mathematica 12.3
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Project Professional
  • Microsoft Visio Professional
  • Minitab 20
  • SolidWorks 2021 Premium

Available Computers

East Campus

West Campus

 Get Support!

  Mon.  Tues. Weds. Thurs. Fri.   Sat.
East Campus 7 am - 10 pm 7 am - 10 pm 7 am - 10 pm 7 am - 10 pm 7 am -5pm 7 am - 4 pm
West Campus 7 am - 10 pm 7 am - 10 pm 7 am - 10 pm 7 am - 10 pm 7am- 10pm Closed

Virtual Computer Lab

Century College has developed the Virtual Computer Lab so students can access software while off campus. The Virtual Computer Lab includes two different ways to access software you need for class: Remote Century and Apporto. Both ways will prompt you for StarID login, but each will give you access to different sets of software. Some specialized software included in the Virtual Computer Lab are SPSS, MiniTab, SolidWorks, and Microsoft Office.

To learn more about exactly where to find the software you need for class and how to use each option, click the button below.

Learn more about software available at Century College

Technology Loans 

As a student at Century College, you may request one desktop computer/ChromeBook and/or a cellular WiFi hotspot to use for your classes for the whole semester!

By checking out technology equipment from Century College, you agree to all terms and conditions. This program is available to currently enrolled Century College credit-based students so long as supplies last.

Reservations open one week prior to classes beginning and pick-up begins the first week of the term.

Your loan may be extended if you register for the next term before the end of Finals Week. If you do not register by the end of Finals Week, you may be asked to return the equipment and submit a new request if you register later.

Free and Discounted Software 

In addition to accessing software in the Computer Lab or Virtual Computer Lab, you can also have access to free resources through Century College or Minnesota State, as well as software you can purchase at discounted rates!

Free Resources

To access additional free software that you can download, visit the MyCentury page that provides access keys and download packages for software such as Maple or Mathematica.

Purchase Discounted Software

Century College provides software for purchase at discounted rates. Click the button below to browse discounted software!

Discounted Software


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