Coming Soon: Windows 11

Hands are resting gently on the keys of a keyboard.

Windows 11 is coming to the Computer Centers!  

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10, the version of Windows currently on student computers, so all student computers will be upgraded to Windows 11 this summer.

If you haven’t used Windows 11 before, you can explore some of the resources to help you get ready for the upgrade by clicking the orange buttons below!


Frequently Asked Questions

Tour Windows 11

Explore how Windows 11 looks and feels in this interactive tour.

Video Tips

Click on a video in the playlist below to start learning more about Windows 11.

Try Windows 11!  

Windows 11 is already installed on most computers in our Student Computer Centers (E1800 and W3165). As you use Windows 11, we welcome suggestions on how we could improve technology services and support for your academic pursuits. 

Please reach out to the Student Technology Experts for Windows 11 support or other student technology questions or concerns.