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Student Health Clinic: Location and Open Hours

The Student Health Clinic is located in E2232 and is staffed by registered nurses. We are open Monday through Friday from 8am-2pm. The doctor is available two Wednesdays per month from 9am – 12pm. He can address any health concerns. Clinic services are confidential and free of charge. To set up an appointment, call 651-779-3954.

Two newly renovated spaces are now available in the Health Center (Rooms E2231 and E2235) for nursing mothers to pump breast milk or nurse their child in a private comfortable setting. E2235 - No key or access code is required. It can be accessed on a 'first come first serve' basis during hours the Health Center is open. E2231 - Requires a key to enter, and is available during normal business hours. Contact information for the key safe access is: Health Center: 651-779-3954; Campus Safety (after hours): 651-747-4000.

Student Health Clinic Map

Free Services

  • Alcohol, drug & tobacco use assessment & referral
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Diabetic screens
  • First Aid
  • Health education
  • Referrals for medical care
  • Special needs assistance
  • Stress management
  • Student insurance information
  • Triage nursing
  • Condoms
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Pamphlets on a variety of health issues
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Mental health counseling & referral

Health Care Coverage

Century College no longer offers health care plans.  At present, the College refers students to Portico Healthnet, a non-profit which helps customers find appropriate health care insurance.  Their number is 651-489-2273. 

Exception: the College mandates that international students must have health care insurance.

Tuberculin Skin Tests

Our Student Health Service offers the Tuberculin Skin Test, for a fee, to students whose medical programs require them.

Patient Bill of Rights

All patients will be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity and have the appropriate level of privacy.

Patient records are treated with confidentiality and, except when required by law, patients are given the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of their records.