Century College is pleased to offer our visitors and guests access to the Internet from our college wired and wireless networks. This service is not intended for use by College employees or registered, credit-based students; such users should make use of the appropriate network using their college-provided username and password.

We ask that our colleagues and students from Northeast Metro ISD 916 use their designated ISD 916 wireless network.

Requesting Access to Guest Network Access Service
Simply complete the online wireless guest access code form. Your username and password will be available to use within a few minutes of submitting your information. 

It is important that our guests are fully aware of and agree to take responsibility for the network activity undertaken by their guest network usage. See Guest Terms and Conditions of Use.

Locations for Guest Network Access Service
Guests may use computers located in the library and the Century College Students wireless network.

Duration of Access to Guest Network Access Service
Your account will remain active unless it has not been accessed in three months. After three months of inactivity, your account will be deleted and you will need to sign up for a new account.

Technical Support for Guest Network Access Service
Century College does not provide technical support for users of our guest network access service.

The guest wireless network service does not include printing, network storage or electronic mail service.  Users may save information only to removable media such as CD/DVDs or flash/USB devices or by e-mailing information to a personal/business e-mail account as allowed by the user’s service provider(s).

Users are advised that the Century College guest network connection provided by this Service is not secure. Communications may be intercepted by others. It is the user’s responsibility to install and deploy any additional technological tools that they may deem necessary to protect sensitive communications/ data. Security of our guests’ computers or other networked devices is the sole responsibility of the user.