Century College Foundation Scholarships

The Century College Foundation offers over 100 scholarships annually. Students attending Century College can apply at the beginning of the Spring semester to receive a scholarship for the following Fall and Spring semesters. Funded through contributions from alumni, faculty and staff, community members, and corporations, the Century College Foundation awards scholarships totaling more than $300,000.

2024-2025 Century College Scholarships are now open.

Applications for various scholarships are accepted at different times of the year. Read the details below and APPLY HERE. You can also watch our Scholarship Bootcamp video for full details on the scholarship process. Round two is now open - see the 2024-2025 Scholarship Schedule below for complete details. Learn more about Foundation Scholarships >

Need help with your application? Watch one of these boot camp videos.

Application Process

What’s New in 2024?

  • Personal Essay: Students do NOT need a personal essay. Just apply within the AwardSpring system; all personal essay-style questions are now included in the program.
  • There will be multiple rounds to increase students’ chances of receiving a scholarship that best fits them! Current student scholarships will be open for Round 1. New and incoming students’ scholarships will be offered in Round 2. Round 2 will also feature some current student scholarships. Check back often for updates on scholarships!

AwardSpring Online Application

The scholarship application process is fully online. It is a one-time application. Students will be automatically applied to all scholarships for which they meet the criteria as determined by the application. Some scholarships will require more information in the form of additional questions. For scholarships with a later deadline, go to AwardSpring Online to apply. You are able to go back and update/edit your application anytime before the deadline date. You will only need to fill out ONE application to see how many Century College scholarships you qualify for.

For help with the application process in AwardSpring, please see one of these helpful guides:

To apply for a Century College Scholarship, you will need to provide:

2024-2025 Scholarship Schedule

Round 1

These are for students who have Century College Credits! Most scholarships available in this round have a completed credit requirement.

Scholarship Application Window Open January 29 - March 24, 2024
Reviewing of Scholarships March 25 - April 19, 2024
Notification of Awards Week of April 22, 2024

Round 2

These are for ALL students. There are no credit requirements for most of the scholarships available in this round.

Scholarship Application Window Open May 10 - July 7, 2024
Reviewing of Scholarships July 8 - August 2, 2024
Notification of Awards Week of August 5, 2024

Round 3 - Spring Scholarships

Scholarship Application Window Open TBD
Reviewing of Scholarships TBD
Notification of Awards TBD

Other Resources

Letter of recommendation help for staff and faculty: Letter of Recommendation example and Likert Scale Letter of Recommendation. 

Contact Sonja LaFoy at 651-779-3326 or sonja.lafoy@century.edu with questions.

Apply now! Century College Scholarship Application

External Scholarships 

Century College students have some unique opportunities to receive scholarships administered by organizations that want to make their college experience as affordable as possible. To search for other external scholarship opportunities, review Other External Scholarship Opportunities.

Scholarship Policies

  • Enrollment Policy: To be eligible for a Century College Foundation Scholarship, you must register for the minimum number of credits required by your scholarship, and you must continue to meet all other scholarship criteria. Students must be attending Century College and paying in/out state tuition to receive a scholarship unless otherwise stated by the scholarship.
  • Disbursement Policy: Scholarships are prorated between the fall and spring semesters. This means you will receive half of your scholarship to pay for fall tuition, and the other half will go toward the spring semester. If a student only attends one semester during the academic year, the remaining funds will be re-awarded. If an alternate student does not qualify, the funds will be returned to the scholarship account.
  • Cancellation Policy: The Century College Foundation reserves the right to revoke a scholarship if the recipient does not meet the criteria established by his or her scholarship.